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Silicone and organosilicate materials coverings in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Silicon-organic enamels
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Silicon-organic enamels and organosilicate compositions



Silicone and organosilicate materials are widely needed in various industrial areas due to number of specific properties inherent only to this class of materials. These properties allow making metal, concrete, reinforced concrete and other surfaces corrosion resistant as being used in a corrosive medium and high temperature differential. The surfaces coated by these materials become corrosion resistant and are of higher frost-, water-, heat-and-light resistance.


Along with it, silicone and organosilicate materials coverings have a number of advantages before other organic coatings:

  • resistance to temperatures between - 60°С up to +650°С, low combustibility;
  • radiation resistance and decontaminating solutions resistance;
  • UV radiation resistance;
  • steam and air permeability, high waterproof properties;
  • painting and drying in a wide range of temperatures between - 30°С up to +30°С.

According to the results of climatic tests held by JSC NII LKP (Joint-Stock Company Scientific Research Institute "Paintwork Materials") together with OMZ Victoria, a guaranteed lifetime of CERTA heat-resistant enamel coating in terms of industrial environment of moderate and cold climate, is 15 years; the material belongs to low-flammable, inflame-resistant ones. (Letter No. 43/3.1776 of 08.04.08 Federal State Unitary Enterprise of Russia, VNIIPO Ministry of emergencies, and certificate of conformity to TRPB No. S-RU.PB05.V 00918 requirement of 28.06.10).


Organosilicate composition OS-12-03 developed by our experts is recommended to be applied by I. V. Grebenshchikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg). According to the conclusion of State unitary enterprise "Research institute of constructing in Moscow" (GUP "NIIMosstroy"), predicted lifetime of OS-12-03 organosilicate composition coating is min. 8 to 10 years in the conditions of a moderate cold climate.


According to the conclusion No. 38000-02/1457 of 07.06.08 made by Federal State Unitary Enterprise ISK Rosatomstroy, NIKIMT system based upon organosilicate composition OS-51-03 CERTA is radiation-resistant and can be decontaminated.


According to the results of the tests held by CJSC "CNIIMF" (St. Petersburg), CERTA and EKOCIN heat-resistant enamels are recommended to be applied on sea platforms, oil and chemical terminals.

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