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Heat resistant enamel

Heat-resistant (up to 750°С) corrosion-resistant enamel CERTA


(15 colors) TU 2312-001-49248846-2000
with amendment 1, 2, 3, 4


Enamel is produced of the colors as follows: silvery, black, white, grey, yellow, green, dark blue, red, brown, red-brown, blue, beige, cyan, salad, orange.


CERTA Enamel is used as protective corrosion-resistant coating of metal equipment operating under higher humidity and temperature, petrol, gas pipeline with overheated steam furnaces for saunas, baths, chimneys, and exhaust systems of vehicles, parts of engines and other metal surfaces exposed to temperatures from -60°C to +750°C during installation and operation as well as aggressive factors: salt solutions, petroleum, mineral oils. Enamel can be used to paint concrete, reinforced-concrete, brick, asbestos-cement surfaces to proof them against high temperature, water, rainfall, excited environment while maintaining good water vapor permeability.


The enamel may be used in an electrostatic field and at low temperatures.


CERTA enamel is recommended for fire-protective finish of walls and ceilings on evacuation ways in the following rooms: lift halls, staircases, halls, lobbies, corridors, halls and building foyer, except for skyscrapers according to the report # 136 dated 18.04.08 and according to clause 6.25 of SNiP 21-01-97* of IL NIC PB Federal State Unitary Enterprise of Russia, VNIIPO Ministry of emergencies.


According to the results of climatic tests in held by JSC NII LKP (Joint-Stock Company Scientific Research Institute"Paintwork Materials") together with OMZ Victoria, guaranteed lifetime together with OMZ Victoria, a guaranteed lifetime of CERTA heat-resistant enamel coating in terms of industrial environment of moderate and cold climate, is 15 years.


According to the results of the tests held by CJSC CNIIMF (St. Petersburg), certificate of conformance # 252/1861 dated 09.07.09 is got for CERTA heat-resistant enamel as well as it is recommended for application on sea platforms, oil and chemical terminals.


Certification system of GOST-R Russian certification and Standards issued a certificate of conformance # ROSS RU. ML07. N00255 dated 12.11.09.


Quality Data

Parameter CERTA enamel
Standard according to TU 2312-001-49248846-2000
with amendment 1, 2, 3, 4
Enamel film colors silvery, black, white, grey, yellow, green, dark blue, red, brown, red-brown, blue, beige, cyan, salad, orange
Funnel viscosity on type VZ-246 viscosimeter with nozzle diameter 4.0 mm at temp. (20±2)°C, min, at c 25
Enamel drying type up to degree 3 at temperature of:
(150±2)°C, at hours, is max

Dry residue, in percent, for enamel:
of other colors

Film adhesion, rating, max 1
Enamel film heat resistance h, min
• silvery at temperature (750±5)°C;
• black at temperature (600±5)°C;
• dark blue at temperature (550±5)°C;
• red-brown, brown, green, yellow at temperature (500±5)°C
• of other colors at temperature (400±5)°C


Enamel film hardness on pendulum device type TML (pendulum A), relative units, min 0,4
Film strength at stroke on device U-1, cm, min 40
Film resistance to static impact at (20±2)°C, h, min
• to water;
• to benzene;
• to mineral oil

Film resistance to salty fog, h, min 100

Temperature limits are from - 60°С up to +750°С.


Theoretical expense on metal for 100 microns (on a dry layer) is 350 g/m2, on concrete is 450 g/m2.


Actual expense can exceed the theoretical one to 70%.


Quantity of layers is at least two at the minimum coating thickness of 50 microns.


Recommended coating thickness on a dry layer is 50 to 150 microns.


No need in preliminary priming.


Unicomponent composition.


Coating cold and hot cure after painting.


Time of final polymerization at temperature 20°С is 72 hours.

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