Zinc-rich enamel

Ecocin. Zinc-rich enamel sale. Long-time corrosion protection of metal equipment and constructions.

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Zinc-rich enamel

ECOCIN TU2312-008-49248846-2008


Ecocin enamel is used as long-time corrosion protection of metal equipment and constructions operating under higher temperature up to +3500C as well as aggressive factors: solutions of salt, oil, oil products used in industrial environment of temperate and cold climate.


ECOCIN enamel is used both as independent coating and as protective priming in complex protect systems. Application of materials belongs to a method of "a cold zinc – rich painting".


According to the results of the tests held by CJSC CNIIMF (St. Petersburg), a certificate of conformance # 252/1862 dated 09.07.09 for ECOCIN enamel as well as it is recommended for application on sea platforms, oil and chemical terminals.


According to the test held by CJSC NII LKP (Joint-Stock Company Scientific Research Institute "Paintwork Materials") together with OMZ Victoria, guaranteed lifetime together with OMZ Victoria, a guaranteed lifetime of ECOCIN enamel in terms of industrial environment of moderate and cold climate, is 10 years.


Enamel may be coated at minus temperature.

Parameter ECOCIN
Norm in accordance
with TU 2312-002-49248846-2008
Enamel film colors grey
Funnel viscosity on viscosimeter type VZ-246 with nozzle diameter 4.0 mm at (20±2)°С, с, min 25
Dry residue, % 75-85
Enamel drying time up to degree 3 at temperature (20±2)°С, min, max 30
Enamel film heat resistance, h, min, at temperature (350±5)°С 5
Film adhesion, units, max 1
Film strength at stroke on U-1 device, cm, min 50

Temperature limits are from -60°С up to +350°.


Theoretical expense on single dry layer coating is from 200 to 380 g/m2.


Actual expense exceeds the theoretical one to 70%.


Layer quantity is at least 2 at 100 microns minimum coating thickness.


Recommended layer thickness on a dry layer is from 150 to 170 microns.


Unicomponent composition.


Coating hold up time before beginning of operation in aggressive media is 7 days.


ECOCIN zinc-rich enamel helps to increase electrochemical protection of metal. While operating, cathode protection takes place as it promotes "self-curing" of coating defects preventing underfilm corrosion growth.


ECOCIN electrochemical protection


Fe - steel


Subject to air moisture, ECOCIN enamel zinc is oxidized to zinc salts, forming a protective layer.

Advantages of zinc-rich coatings
Compared with hot zinc-rich painting Compared with common paintwork materials
Higher lifetime at equal zinc content due to its slower oxidation. Cathode protection, ability to "self-curing" of coating defects while operating. Absence of underfilm corrosion.
Easy to paint in any coating way indoors and outdoors. Strong weather and water resistance. As a result, profitability due to reduction of expenses for repairs.
Possibility to coat large-sized parts. Stable to cold climate and to temperature drops (thermal expansion factors are just the same as those steel).
Relatively non-polluting technology Electrical conductivity, don’t accumulate static electricity.
Repairing possibility using the same materials. Fireproofness due to high content of metal in a coating. Don't extend flame on a surface.
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