Certa-Plast and Certa-Patina

Forging Paints "Certa-Plast" and "Certa-Patina". Sale in St. Petersburg. Anticorrosive and decorative painting.

Certa-Plast Certa-Patina corrosion resistant paint
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corrosion resistant paint Certa-Plast and Certa-Patina

Forging Paints


CERTA-PLAST TU 2312-004-49248846-2005


CERTA-PATINA TU 2312-004-49248846-2005




Certa-Plast and Certa-Patina forging paints are used for anticorrosive and decorative painting (including "semi-antique") of metal parts made by means of forging, punching, molding from cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys (monuments, fireplaces, fences, doors, gates, balustrades, lamps, lanterns, jewelry and other products of all shapes and sizes) operating indoors and outdoors in high humidity and temperature drop from -60°С up to +150°С.


black + silver

gray + silver


black + copper

black + oxidized copper

white + scarlet

gray + copper

white + gold

gold + white frost

black + Gothic green

moss green

black + green

blue + gold

blue + silver

black + red


terracotta + copper




Distinctive features:

  • high adhesion to various configuration metal parts;
  • painting and storage possibility at low temperatures;
  • fast drying in natural environment (drying to stage « come unstuck» within 15 minutes);
  • corrosion protection in all climatic zones;
  • economic expense when painting in electrostatics.

New Сerta-Plast with hammer effect, 14 colors (covering possibility from 0°С up to +30°С).


According to the results of climatic tests held by JSC NII LKP (Joint-Stock Company Scientific Research Institute "Paintwork Materials") together with OMZ Victoria, a guaranteed lifetime of CERTA-PLAST forging paint in terms of industrial environment of moderate and cold climate, exceeds 10 years.

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