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Radiation-resistant to corrosion protection of heat system utilities. SPECTR-SPB enterprise, Saint-Petersburg, Russia..

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BUSINESS CAN BE SUCCESSFUL only when you do your job not just competently, but better than others.

"SPECTR-SPB" enterprise was established 10 years ago. And, looking back at the passed way, we can say with confidence no matter how difficult and arduous it was, we have passed it properly. We could create the enterprise producing paintwork materials of European standards as we develop continuously, and we use our own original ideas and achievements, based on the experience gained.


Today the company has highly skilled personnel, possessing an extensive experience and knowledge in the field of production of paintwork materials.


Quality management system is certified and complies with Russian GOST requirements in the production of paintwork materials.


Our paintwork materials are as good as the best foreign analogues if their class, and to prove, it we can say our production is of constant demand, and, consequently, the sales and the number of clients increases.


Our clients are not just customers, but full business partners, that relationship is based upon openness, honesty and professionalism with.


We are always open to cooperation.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia